Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Beautiful Places

Since I'm just getting to this, I thought I'd throw up some of the beautiful places I've been and seen on my Adventure.

I-90, blasting through New York. 

This was the view every time I travelled through  New York to get to school. When it wasn't a white out, of course.

The view on my way to excavations in the heart of the Adirondack's.
North Elba, NY

Timbucto, NY
We had to hike in everyday, but the view was perfect.
Timbucto, NY

South Yard, Montpelier, VA. Excavations of a early 19th cent. slave quarter

Montpelier is in the Piedmont Region of VA, and is in the Blue Ridge. The whole plantation is gorgeous.

This is Poison Ivy. Are you jealous? It lasted about 4 weeks. Courtesy of Arlington House, Montpelier Station, VA. 
Turk Mountain, Blue Ridge, VA

Edge of the drop

Driving to the city, weddings season

Arlington House, my home for most of Virginia. 

Dirt roads are always better. Montpelier, VA

Fall, Virginia

Museum of the Native American, Washington D.C.

Roanoke, VA

Black River, Miss

Cork, Ireland

Irish Walls...

Cliffs of Moher, Irish coast

Irish beaches... hahahaha


Leicester, UK
New Orleans, LA

Kemper County winter, shanty town in snow.  Photo taken by Paul Shockey