Tuesday, April 23, 2013

To start off-

Tues, April 23 2013
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Forever, my roots. 
Mom wanted me to write something...

For years (eek!! I've been graduated long enough to say that) I've been moving around, seeing new places, working in new settings. I feel like I'm on a constant ebb and flow of a tide, pulling me and pushing me to new jobs and places. I've always been on this path. I can remember being young, maybe 3rd grade, and putting up a giant map in my room with a list next it stating all the places I'd visit. I get antsy after a year or two; needing to move, needing to drive. There is nothing to me like the moment I hit the road. All alone, car packed, headed to somewhere, knowing its all going to be different and new.

Archaeology at Montpelier, VA

I graduated. Headed down south to the land of the pines. I posted up in Orange, Virginia in a few different places. The most exciting being an olddddd shanty on the edge of the forest. It probably belonged to a sharecropper or some such thing. I'll always love Virginia, its beauty is unrivaled. Then Hattiesburg, Mississippi, which is by far the best city to live in in Miss. I lived in a wig wam (we constructed it out of saplings, vines, and twine) for about 8 months in Kemper County, Mississippi. Camping for 8 months takes life to a whole new level. I have never felt to close to the earth, and I have never felt so correct in living. I had no electricity, no heat/AC, no running water, no real bathroom, no kitchen. None of that mattered. Everyday was more natural, was closer to the earth. I don't think I'll ever fully adjust to living indoors again (maybe I won't....!) In the next few weeks I'm on to new places, though I don't know where yet. Til then, I'll be collecting my thoughts in Hattiesburg.

The Wig-Wam

New Orleans, LA
I just wanted to write this, because lately I feel so far away. In all my years of being far away (6-7) I haven't felt so disconnected. I have finally come to terms with the fact that because of what I do, I'll always be leaving people. But I don't want my distance to define those relationships. I hope this page can help keep the people I love and miss aware of where I end up/ what I'm doing. I miss you all, and I wish you could be on my adventure!

Irish Coast, Cliffs of Moher