Friday, April 11, 2014

Barefoot Farm Profile; Maizee

Deputy Maizee
While I'm here at Barefoot, it looks like each week we're going to highlight a member of the farm; so you all can get to know the crew. We're starting out with the farm's resident second in command; Deputy Maizee. Luckily we just happen to have a real writer hanging around the place, so he whipped up a little profile on the Deputy.

"Maizee (named so because she came in when the corn was also coming in) is almost two years old, and she is a mix of German Shepherd, black lab, and probably some small breed(s). She was rescued from the Asheville Humane Society; she had been abandoned in West Asheville. Maizee had nearly been deemed unadoptable because she is especially "mouthy;" she likes to chew and sometimes accidentally bite. The Humane Society thought that she would never get adopted because of this "chewy" history, so we decided to take a chance on her. She still definitely likes to chew on things, but she is much better these days.

At the Humane Society, she was literally jumping over the walls of her concrete cage. The walls only went up 3-4 feet, and even as a puppy, Maizee was climbing the walls and springing out.
Though she is not terribly well behaved, she is surprisingly responsive on the trail. When I take her running with me in the forest, she stays right by my side and obeys commends that she typically ignores back on the farm.
She's somewhat of a coward. On the trail, she runs away from any dog she sees (even little yippy dogs).
She is remarkably fast. She has caught a few birds out of the air.

She has also killed a few squirrels who ventured too close to the bird feeder, and she once snuck in to the chicken yard and killed a hen.
Kissing my thicket scratches for me. 
She looks up to  her big sister Hailee (The Sheriff), but she was especially enamored of our old dog, Jaxsun. She would do anything that he did and followed his mischievous, sneaky example.

She is really sweet when she is sleeping.
She is a first dog who can actually fetch. And she might be our smartest....though she is young and has a lot to learn.
Maizee is River's favorite dog, and supposedly his responsibility to feed and look after. Check out this link to see why adopting a rescue is such a great idea!
Maizee is another testament to how great rescues really are. And how young one can be deputized...

A dignified shot, looking professional

What she normally looks like all the time